Easyone plus spirometer manual

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Spirometry Procedure Manual Overnight no-charge replacement.#2000-2NP Easy One Frontline without Printer 6.00#2000-2P Easy One Frontline with Printer 69.00The Diagnostic model has all the same features and Print Options as Frontline above, plus it will do Flow Volume Loops. Spirometry Recommendations and the ATS 1987 updated recommendations. A description of the basic design criteria for the NIOSH/DRDS spirometer system and the rationale for each of these criteria is included in Section 2.2.1.

EasyOne Plus 'Frontline' Spirometer System Predicted Normals: NHANESIIIFeatures: Ultrasonic flow measurement, 700 test session storage, 64x160 pixel graphic display, hygenic disposable spirette, PC data transfer software, powered by AA batteries, calibration check with cal syringe possible, not required. Transfers data from the Easy One to your computer for storage and archiving only. Frontline includes: Easy One spirometer, cradle, 10 spirette breathing tubes, Easy Ware software, accessories and manuals Uses H-P color inkjet printer.3 year exchange warranty. New simple, easy to use spirometer is ideal for the simple assessment of lung health in the office setting. Features FVC testing. Meets ATS recommendation for diagnostic spirometry.

The EasyOne Pro brochure - Henry Schein Standard 8.5 x 11 inch format, color or B&W, institution name and address, customizable data format and graphs. EasyOne Pro® LAB. All the benefits of the EasyOne Pro plus multiple-breath. This easy-to-operate spirometer uses the power of your PC, laptop, or tablet.

Easyone plus spirometer manual:

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