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By ogoma2468 | 26-Nov-2017 18:21
<strong>Alcora</strong> Mk2 - <strong>Zero</strong> 88 Support

Alcora Mk2 - Zero 88 Support Crossfade times and chase speed and direction can be adjusted by the user as required. Alcora Mk2. Attached are manuals and datasheets for both Alcoras Zero 88 Alcora 12/24; Zero 88 Alcora 24/48. Alcora 12 24 · Alcora 12 24.

<em>Alcora</em> <em>zero</em> 88 Remote Go - Blue Room technical forum

Alcora zero 88 Remote Go - Blue Room technical forum The Alcora 12/24 has 12 control channels (24 channels in Wide mode). I use an Alcora zero 88 desk in school in a small theatre setting. I want to know more about the use and possible applications of the remote go facility on this desk as there is little explanation in the manual I have.

<b>Alcora</b> - <b>Zero</b> 88 Support

Alcora - Zero 88 Support Our range of Lighting Desks are suitable for all types of performance and uses, and we are happy to advise which desk will suit your needs. For a more detailed quotation, please highlight the products of interest and use our contact form on the left hand side. Alcora. Zero 88 Alcora Manuals. Alcora manual mk1 · Alcora mk1 manual issue1· Alcora mk1 Manual · Privacy, Cookies & Data Protection.

Zero 88 alcora user manual:

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